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Salvestrols- 20 years in the making with multi-million research costs- and still the investment continues.

Salvestrols- proven research in leading scientific facilities by world leading scientists with outstanding reputations in the field of conventional and natural medicines.

Salvestrols- voted 'the No 1 big idea of the Year' in Health by Dr John Briffa- Observer Magazine
As TV Dr Chris Steele explains -
"I featured Salvestrols on This Morning recently and have looked at the research behind it which is very persuasive.   I am excited about the future of this product as it is extremely difficult to obtain all these phytonutrients from the diet even if you have access to everything organic.  It would be great now to see a serious study on salvestrols to evaluate their full potential."
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Platinum - 2000 point (60 capsules)

Platinum - 2000 point (60 capsules)£42.95

Salvestrol Platinum 2000 Points provides practitioner with the highest potency Salvestrol product available. This third generation product is the outcome of 5 years of development and represents state of the art technology.

Platinum - 2000 points (90 capsules)

Platinum - 2000 points (90 capsules)£61.50

Salvestrol Platinum 2000 Points is a combination of our salvestrol professional ingredients combined with our more lipophilic salvestrol gold.

Salvestrol Cream 30g New Formulation

Salvestrol Cream 30g New Formulation£13.99

A topical preparation rich in salvestrols. Quickly absorbed into the skin for local activity

*Please note, due to the natural content in this cream, there may be a variance in colour.
Salvestrol Shield-30 capsules (formerly Fruit Force)

Salvestrol Shield-30 capsules (formerly Fruit Force)£13.95

Salvestrol Shield-the original Fruit Force- delivers 350 points of Salvestrol activity in each capsule

Salvestrol Shield-60 Capsules (formerly Fruit Force)

Salvestrol Shield-60 Capsules (formerly Fruit Force)£25.95

Salvestrol Shield is the original Fruit Force product which delivers 350 points of Salvestrol activity.


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