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    The Company

    1880 Life is the natural convergence of an key group of essential skill sets which are highly relevant to the needs of practitioners today in terms of delivering nutritional supplementation to consumers. Apart from an unrivalled level of academic expertise, led by two professors of pharmacy supported by a worldwide research collaborations in fields as diverse as proteomics and medicinal chemistry, 1880 Life has a wealth of experience in the field of nutritional supplements which few other companies operating in this field can claim.
    Our close associations in the field of essential fatty acids with past world leading authorities such as Professors Hugh Sinclair and David Horrobin and now Udo Erasmus and Craig Hudson place us at the leading edge of understanding the important role these compounds play in the maintenance of good health.

    Our lead researchers Professors Dan Burke and Gerry Potter and their team of PhD scientists have discovered a new and exciting mechanism of cellular control effected by phytonutrients which has attracted worldwide media coverage. These dietary components, known as Salvestrols, have been shown to be diminished in the modern day diet and can only be provided now in the required concentrations via the use of dietary supplements.

    Research collaborations with the Proteomics Research team at the University of Victoria in British Columbia are now revealing new diagnostic techniques capable of detecting the earliest stages of many common diseases which will revolutionise the way in which these conditions are managed.

    However, all of this research and these relationships are worth considerably less without the ability to deliver the outcomes as meaningful products which are capable of being used to advantage in the realisation of wellbeing. This wealth of experience in terms of raw material and formulation development adds an extra dimension to the quality of the research and its publication in the scientific literature.

    The next stage to provide a meaningful portfolio is the registration of any intellectual property rights around any technology which is developed and ensure it meets with current legislation so that users can be assured of quality and access to products which cannot be easily copied and subsequently devalued. The final and most important element in delivering our products is the provision of logistical, distributional and educational support to ensure the highest levels of performance are achieved to enable our customers provide efficient and effective levels of service to theirs. This resource and knowledge base is one of the keystones of our business and we seek to acheive as high a level of excellence in this area as we do in our academic work to ensure our customers can in turn deliver effective products at affordable prices with the best scientific support available.